Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Polymer Brushes

After almost 30 years since the definition of polymer “brush” assemblies, this crossdisciplinary area of research is now mature for its translation into technology. Thanks to the increasing efforts by polymer chemists, materials scientists and theoreticians, polymer brush-based coatings are nowadays applied to precisely adjust the interfacial physicochemical properties of materials across the lenghtscales, in a variety of formulations, ranging from tissue engineering supports to composites.

Following more than ten years since the last ACS symposium focusing on this topic, this meeting aims to summarize the recent efforts in the synthesis, characterization, theoretical description and application of polymer brushes, bringing together experts focusing on polymer chemistry and physics, as well as materials scientists. The general objective will be to provide an overview about the status of the research in the synthesis of polymer brushes, both by grafting-from and grafting-to techniques, the tools to dissect their properties, and their application in biotechnology, highlighting the transition of surface modification strategies involving polymer grafting from basic and fundamental research into the development of advanced materials.

This general topic will include:

  • Advances in surface-confined controlled polymerization methods for the designing of brush interfaces with well-defined composition and architecture.
  • Macromolecular design of brush-forming adsorbates
  • Modelling and theory of polymer brushes under static and dynamic conditions
  • Structure-property relationships of polymer brushes on flat, structured and high-aspect-ratio surfaces
  • Applications of polymer brushes as biointerfaces and in sensing
  • Designing of advanced composites exploiting polymer brushes
  • Translating polymer brushes from fundamentals into technology

Edmondo M. Benetti, ETH Zürich
Prof. Harm-Anton Klok, EPFL Lausanne
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University

August 16, 2020 — August 20, 2020

San Francisco 2020

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