New Orleans Schedule

 March 18March 19March 20March 21March 22
Additive Manufacturing of Structures and Functional Devices: Materials, Methods, Models, and Testing
Studio 9, Marriott Canal St1-58-58-11
Clay-Polymer Composites: Nanoclays & Other Natural Nanoparticles
Studio 9, Marriott Canal St8-58-58-11
Cyclic & Topologically Complex Polymers
Studio 8, Marriott Canal St1-58-58-58-58-11
PMSE-North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Joint Symposium on Surface Science of Membranes for Advanced Separations
Studio 2, Marriott Canal St222
Polymers with Complex Architecture: From Synthesis to Self-Assembly
Studio 3, Marriott Canal St222
Supramolecular Crosslink Dynamics and Polymer Materials Mechanics
La Galerie 4, Marriott Canal St2
Symposium for Pan-American Polymer Science
La Galerie 4, Marriott Canal St2
Synergy between Computation and Experiment in Accelerated Materials Discovery
La Galerie 5, Marriott Canal St2
Third International Symposium on Polybenzoxazines: Towards Diamond Jubilee of Benzoxazine Chemistry
La Galerie 5, Marriott Canal St222
Joint PMSE/POLY Poster Session
Hall D, Ernest N. Morial Convention
General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials
Studio 8, Marriott Canal St2
Studio 5, Marriott Canal St1/1
Studio 3, Marriott Canal St2
La Galerie 4, Marriott Canal St
Burgundy / Bourbon, Astor Crown Plaza2
Beauregard / Studio 2, Marriott Canal St1/1