Philadelphia 2020

Macromolecular Materials for Structural Applications

This symposium will focus on macromolecular materials designed for structural applications that require high performance properties such as excellent mechanical and thermal properties based on well-understood materials chemistry for a wide variety of applications including aerospace, automotive, civil, medical, and shipbuilding engineering industries. Recent advancements and challenges in the synthesis, processing, characterization, and computational modeling of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers, biopolymers, inorganic polymers, inorganic/organic hybrid materials for structural applications with load bearing capabilities bridging over to resin selection, cure principles, composite optimization and evolving advanced manufacturing approaches are solicited. This includes novel approaches using machine learning and artificial intelligence protocols for synthesis, characterization and modeling. Advanced characterization methods such as EELS, NMR, tomography, IR spectroscopy, nano-CT, in-operando and in-situ characterization methods including scattering (X-ray, Neutron) via miniaturized testing (mechanical, electrical, thermal), plus approaches that enable a fundamental linkage between materials chemistry and optimized material performance, as well as multiscale simulation efforts that include classical, quantum-mechanical, coarse-grained, finite-element, and informatics related to macromolecular materials for structural applications are invited.

PMSE/POLY Poster Session

A highly attended poster session – poster presentations can be related to topics from any symposium or the general field of polymeric materials, chemistry, engineering, and coating technology. For PMSE submitted posters, a Best PMSE Poster Award is given to the top three posters of the session.