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Symposium on Tough and Toughened Polymers

PMSE and the symposium organizers welcome submissions to the symposium on Tough and Toughened Polymers for the Fall 2018 National Meeting and Exposition held by the American Chemical Society (ACS).  Abstracts for this symposium and conference will be open at some point during January after an announcement on

Summary (PDF)

Plastics, rubber and composites that are strong and tough are essential for accelerated implementation of autonomous, pollution-free electrical vehicles. These materials will also impact all industries that use polymeric materials to achieve societal needs for safety, security and low environmental impact while raising quality of life.  This symposium intends to draw researchers across the boundaries of material science, chemistry, physics, mechanics, and rheology to disseminate knowledge on recent breakthroughs in fundamental understanding and preparation of tough and toughened polymers for structural applications. We solicit researchers from related scientific disciplines to present theoretical, experimental, and computational studies in the following topics:

  • New chemistry to prepare tough and toughenable polymers
  • Physics of fracture and toughening
  • Advances in fracture mechanics
  • Novel toughening concepts
  • Advanced characterization techniques

The confirmed invited speakers include (in alphabetical order):

Costantino Creton (ESPCI), Kohzo Ito (Univ Tokyo), Jimmy Kishi (Hyogo Univ), Jumpei Kawada (Toyota Central R&D), Sadayuki Kobayashi (Toray), Ludwik LeiBler (CNRS), Ray Pearson (Lehigh Univ), H.-J. Sue (Texas A&M), Atsushi Takahara (Kyushu Univ), Katsuhiko Tsunoda (Bridgestone), Shi-Qing Wang (Univ Akron)

Symposium Organizers

Kohzo Ito, University of Tokyo  [Email]
Hung-Jue Sue, Texas A&M University  [Email]
Atsushi Takahara, Kyushu University  [Email]
Arimitsu Usuki, Toyota Central R&D Lab  [Email]
Nikhil Verghese, SABIC [Email]
A.F. Yee, UC-Irvine  [Email]