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Recognizing Contributions to Polymer Science and Engineering

A key pillar of engagement for the PMSE Division is the recognition and celebration of the current edge research performed by PMSE members in academia, industry and government.

Awards, symposiums, and competitions are sponsored by the PMSE Division to highlight contributions by graduate students to established career members. Current award winners and instructions on how to apply are provided on each award page. National ACS Awards are managed by the American Chemical Society. A summary of major awards related to polymer science and engineering, but not maintained by PMSE, is maintained on the PMSE webpage

Professional Career Awards

Bioconjugate Chemistry Lectureship

Recognizes an outstanding researcher for important recent advances in interfacing synthetic and biological systems.

Charles G. Overberger International Prize

Recognizes an outstanding researcher or team for significant contributions in further polymer education. Co-sponsored by PMSE, this award is administered by the POLY Division and presented biennially.

Chemistry of Materials Lectureship and Best Paper Award

Recognizes authors of an article published in an issue of Chemistry of Materials in the prior year, emphasizing the importance and contributions of co-authors.

Cooperative Research Award

Recognizes the cooperative research efforts which were of significant importance to polymer science and technology between industrial and academic or industrial and national laboratory scientists.

Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award

Recognizes polymer scientists under the age of 40 to celebrate their significant research innovation and achievement in the field.

PMSE Fellows

The PMSE Fellowship was established to honor a small percentage of PMSE members who have made significant contributions to the science and engineering of polymeric materials.

Roy W. Tess Award

Recognizes outstanding individual achievements and note-worthy contributions to coatings science, technology and engineering, confirming PMSE’s long-standing and continuing support and dedication to excellence in the science, technology and engineering of coatings.

Young Professional Awards

Henkel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Science and Engineering

Recognizes a graduate student or recent graduate who has completed an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in polymeric research. Nominees are judged on the basis of their contribution to the thesis research, the quality and level of innovation demonstrated, the impact of their research on the science and technology of synthetic polymers or biopolymers, and their service and contributions to the broader community.

ACS Global Outstanding Student and Mentor Awards in Polymer Science and Engineering

Recognizes two graduate students and their mentors on the latest knowledge of polymer research in both the United States and globally, for who has completed an outstanding thesis in polymer research accepted by a university during the three-year period prior to January 1 of the award year.

PMSE Future Faculty Symposium Honorees

Honorees are chosen from postdocs who have made significant contributions to their respective fields within polymer materials science and engineering and are applying to academic positions during that year. The invited honorees speak at a two-day “PMSE Future Faculty” symposium, held during the Fall National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

PMSE Early Investigator Symposium Honorees

Honorees are chosen from early-career emerging leaders who have made significant contributions in their respective fields within polymer materials science and engineering. The invited honorees speak at the “PMSE Early Investigator” symposium, held during the Fall National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Conference Awards

Arthur K. Doolittle Award

Since 1955, the Arthur K. Doolittle Award recognizes outstanding talks presented during a PMSE symposium at each ACS National Meeting.

Eastman Student Award

Recognizes a graduate student in applied polymer science research, based on ACS conference abstract/preprint and presentation at an ACS National Meeting.

PMSE Best Poster Award

Recognizes an outstanding poster presented by undergraduate and graduate students during the PMSE poster session at each Fall and Spring ACS National Meetings.

PMSE Graduate Student Travel Award

Travel awards are sponsored by PMSE to promote diversity in graduate students at ACS National Meetings to women and/or under represented groups.

Service Awards

PMSE / POLY Plenary Speakers

Selected members of the polymer science community are invited to give the plenary lecture at the PMSE/POLY Joint Award dinner hosted every national conference.

PMSE Distinguished Service Award

The PMSE Distinguished Service Award is given to recognize extensive, sustained contributions and service to the Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) Division