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PMSE Graduate Student Travel Award

The PMSE Graduate Student Travel Award is given to provide partial travel support to women and/or under-represented (African American, Hispanic, or Native American) graduate students to attend and present their research at ACS national meetings.

Fall 2022 Award Winners

Sofia Goodrich
University of Florida
Advisor: Professor Brett Sumerlin

Imine Core-crosslinked Stars for Tunable Degradation and Release

PMSE/POLY Student Chapter Symposium – Tuesday, August 23, 10:25 AM, McCormick Place Convention Center,  S10

McKenna Hanson
University of Minnesota

Advisor:  Professor Theresa Reineke

Understanding the Effects of Cationic Type and Architecture of Antisense Oligonucleotide Delivery

Innovations in Drug Delivery – Tuesday, August 23, 8:30 AM, McCormick Place Convention Center, S103d

Julie Rieland
University of Michigan

Advisor:  Professor Brian Love

Sticky Situation:  Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Applied in the Capture of Aqueous Microplastics

General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials – Wednesday, August 24, 8:45 AM, McCormick Place Convention Center, S103d

Thivani Senathiraja
Iowa State University

Advisor:  Professor Chris Cornelius

Creating Multiblock Ionomer Structures via Salt Complexation in Solvent Systems

General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials – Sunday, August 21, 11:00 AM, McCormick Place Convention Center, S103d

Award Details

A minimum of four awards will be made yearly, two for each of the National ACS Meetings. Each awardee will receive a $500 award to be applied to costs of her/his travel to the meeting.  Awardees will be acknowledged at the PMSE/POLY Awards Ceremony at the National ACS Meeting.


Eligible students are required to submit an online application for the 2022 award at by the designated deadline (July 15, 2022).

For ACS Spring meetings, please check back in January and February for updated application and deadline dates. For ACS Fall meetings, please check back in June and July for an updated application and deadline dates.  Dates vary based on the timing for the conference.

Award Selection

Applications will be reviewed by the PMSE Graduate Student Travel Award committee. The selection will be made prior to the conference via email.

Past Recipients

Full List of Award Winners

Past Winners

Spring 2022

Amalie Atassi (Georgia Institute of Technology) – “Thermal conductivity is independent of topochemical polymerization in organic materials”
Advisor: Prof. Natalie Stingelin

Rachel Detwiler (University of Utah) – “Development in transition metal catalyzed N-carboxyanhydride polymerization: Preparation of polyproline materials”
Advisor: Prof. Jessica Kramer (

Kristin Lewis (Univ of Colorado, Boulder) – “Subcritical Phase Transitions in Supramolecular Liquid Crystalline Elastomers”
Advisor: Prof. Timothy White

Ani Nazari (Arizona State University) – “Hydrophobic Polymers with Various Ion Exchange Capacities for Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide”
Advisor: Prof. Matthew Green

Fall 2019

Abigail Delawder (Washington University of Saint Louis)
Stephanie Aguilar (UCLA)

Spring 2019
Bonnie Buss (Colorado State University)
Meghan Lamm (University of South Carolina)

Fall 2018
Julia Pribyl (University of South Carolina)
Samuel Leguizamon (University of Michigan)

Spring 2018
Symone Cook-Alexander (Case Western Reserve University)
Jennifer Imbrogno (University of Texas at Austin)