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Arthur K. Doolittle Award

The Arthur K Doolittle Award recognizes an outstanding presentation during a PMSE symposium at each of the Fall and Spring ACS National Meetings.

2024 Award Winner

Spring Conference

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Doolittle Award from the Spring 2024 ACS meeting, Professor Tae-Lim Choi.

Tae-Lim Choi
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Universal Suzuki Catalyst-transfer Polymerization for Precision Synthesis of Donor/Acceptor Conjugated Polymers

Tae-Lim Choi was born in Seoul, 1977. He obtained his BS from KAIST in 1999, and PhD from Caltech under the supervision of Bob Grubbs, in 2003. He then moved to UC Berkeley as a post-doc researcher under the guidance of Jean Fréchet until 2004. He returned to S. Korea and worked at Cheil Industries, Samsung, for four years. In 2008, he started his independent career as an assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University. He was promoted to full professor in 2017. In 2022, he moved to the Department of Materials at ETH, Zürich as a Professor of Polymer Chemistry. His research interests lie heavily on synthesis, focusing on developing new methods (living, cascade or diversity-oriented polymerizations, etc.) to synthesize various macromolecules including new conjugated polymers and understanding their mechanisms. Recently, his focus has moved to applying these synthetic tools towards self-assembly of conjugated polymers to prepare various semiconducting nanostructures.

Tae-Lim has received the following awards: Herbert Newby McCoy Award (2004, Best Thesis in the Department of Chemistry at Caltech); Chungam Young Investigator Fellowship (2010, POSCO Foundation), Outstanding Research Achievement Award, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, Republic of Korea; Presidential Young Scientists Award; President of the Republic of Korea (2014); Distinguished Lectureship Award, Chemical Society of Japan (2013); Young Organic Chemists Award from KCS Organic Chemistry Division (2015); Asian Rising Star Lectureship Award, The 18th Asian Chemical Congress (2019); Polymer Chemistry Award, Polymer Chemistry Division, Korean Chemical Society (2021); and Hanseong Science Award (2023). He is a member of the Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology. Between 2013 and 2022, he served as an editor of Journal of Polymer Science and is currently on the editorial advisory boards of Angew. Chemie. (Wiley-VCH).

Award Details

One awardee will be selected from oral presentations at each National Conference. The awardee will receive a $1000 prize and plaque and are acknowledged at the following year’s Spring ACS National Meeting.


Originally established by the Union Carbide Corporation as the Carbide Award, its name was later changed due to Arthur K. Doolittle’s contribution to the ACS Division of PMSE, the field of polymeric materials and financial contributions from royalties of his book, Technology of Solvents and Plasticizers.

Award Selection

PMSE symposium organizers will submit nominations from their symposium to the PMSE Doolittle Award Committee. Recipients are selected by an anonymous panel of judges appointed by the PMSE Doolittle Award Committee.

Past Recipients

Award and Nomination Summary


Originally established to recognize and encourage high quality presentations and submissions during PMSE symposium by by the Union Carbide Corporation as the Carbide Award. The award title was later changed to recognize Arthur K. Doolittle’s contribution to the ACS Division of PMSE, the field of polymeric materials, and his financial contributions from royalties of Technology of Solvents and Plasticizers.

Rules of Eligibility

All oral PMSE presentations are eligible for nomination by symposium organizers on the basis of content with emphasis on originality, impact, and development of new concepts in polymeric materials.

Nominations Process

PMSE symposium organizers will submit nominations from their symposium to the PMSE Doolittle Award Committee. Recipients are selected by an anonymous panel of judges appointed by the PMSE Doolittle Award Committee.

Award Selection

The selection will be made by an anonymous panel of judges appointed by the PMSE Doolittle Award Committee.

Award Announcement and Nature

The award has two awardees, one per meeting.  The two awardees will receive a $1000 prize and plaque and are acknowledged at the following year’s Spring ACS National Meeting.

Full List of Award Winners

2022 Winners

Danielle Mai
Stanford University
“Gelation Dynamics During Photocrosslinking of Polymer Nanocomposite Hydrogels”

Hiroshi Jinnai
Tohoku University
“Nanoscale Static and Dynamic Characterization of Polymer Hierarchical Structures for Sustainable Engineering”

2022 Winners

Shana Olwyn Kelly, Northwestern University
“Building Biomolecular Sensing Conjugates for a New Era of Physiological Monitoring

Will Gutenkunst (Georgia Institute of Technology)
“Merging alkynes with cyclic enol ethers for alternating metathesis polymerization”

2021 Winners

Jodie Lutkenhaus (Texas A&M University)
“Layer-by-layer assembly of 2-dimensional MXene nanosheets for applications in sensing and energy storage”

Evan Lloyd (Duke University)
“Rapid, energy-efficient synthesis and recycling of degradable thermosets”  

Past Winners – 2000s

Enrique Gomez (Penn State), “Fundamental properties of conjugated polymers from the chemical structure”

Julia Kalow (Northwestern University), “Reversibly photocontrolled stress-relaxing networks”

Jian Qin (Stanford University), “Competition of solvation and entropic effects in ion-containing block polymers”

Nathaniel Lynd (University of Texas at Austin), “Mono(µ-oxo)-dialuminum (MOD) initiated polymerization of epoxides to new functional materials”

April M. Kloxin (University of Delaware), “Utilizing light-mediated chemistries for the modulation of biomaterial properties”

David Kaplan (Tufts University), “Design of protein systems for materials functions”

Brett Fors (Cornell University), “Shaping the future of polymer molecular weight distributions”

William R. Dichtel (Northwestern University), “Porous Cyclodextrin Polymers for the Rapid Removal of Organic Pollutants from Water.”

Ulrich Wiesner (Cornell University), “Block copolymer-directed hybrid materials: Experiments, theory, and applications.”

Kyoko Nozaki (The University of Tokyo), “Coordination Copolymerization of Olefins with Polar Monomers Catalyzed Pd Complexes of Unsymmetrical Bidentate Ligands.”

Jillian Buriak (University of Alberta), “Challenges Facing Directed Assembly of Block Copolymers: Nanopatterning at the sub-10nm Scale.”

Andrew Cooper (University of Liverpool), “Swellable, Water-Tolerant Polymer Sponges for Carbon Dioxide Caputure”

Fei Huang (South China University of Technology), “Development of New Polymer Donor and Interfacial Materials for the Interface Engineering of High Performance Polymer Solar Cells.”

Greg Gossweiler, Qiming Wang, Xuanhe Zhao, Stephen L. Craig, (Duke University) “Mechanochemical Devices”

Mark Hersam (Northwestern University), “Opportunities and Challenges for Functionalized Carbon Nnomaterials in Device Applications”.

Michael S. Arnold, Dominick J. Bindl, Matthew J. Shea, Meng-Yin Wu (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Harvesting Light Using Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes as Next-Generation Polymer-Photoabsorbers.”

Takuzo Aida (University of Tokyo), “Tailoring Nanoscale Coaxial/linear Semiconducting Heterojunctions by Controlled Assembly of Molecular Graphenes.”

Xuelian Zhu, Rong Dong, Gaoxiang Wu, Shu Yang, (University of Pennsylvania), “Understanding pattern transformation mechanisms in different responsive hydrogel membranes.”

Ting Xu (University of California – Berkeley), Andrew Presley (University of California – Berkeley) and Joseph Chang (University of California – Berkeley), “Nanostructured Block Copolymer Thin Films Contianing Enzymatically Active Heme Proteins.”

M. Calderon (Institute for Chemistry & Biochemistry), P. Welker (mivenion), K. Licha (mivenion), I. Fichtner (Max-Delbruck), R. Graeser (Tumor Biology Center & Proqinase GmbH), F. Kratz (Tumor Biology Center & Proqinase GmbH), R. Haag (Institute for Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Acid Cleavable Multifunctional Prodrugs Derived from Dendritic Polyglycerol”

G. Kane Jennings (Vanderbilt University), “Superhydrobic barrier films by surface-initiated polymerization”

F. M. Winnik, E. Hutter, (University of Montreal); S. Boridy, D. Maysinger (McGill University); and S. Labrecque (Université Laval Robert-Giffard, Quebec) “Imaging of Gold Nanourchins, Nanospheres, and Nanorods in Glia and Neurons”

S. Brandstetter, L. Drummy, (UES Inc., Ohio), M. Tchoul, S. Fillery, J. Horwath, D. Schweickart, M. Durstock, and Richard A. Vaia, (Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson AF), “Dielectric Strength and Corona Endurance of Polymers and Nanocomposites with In-Plane Lamellar Nano-Structure”

J. Long, A. Fischer, T. McEvoy, M. Bourg, J. Lytle and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory), “Self-limiting electro polymerization en route to ultrathin conformal polymer coatings for energy storage applications.”

L. Hutchings, A. P. Namainen, N. Clarke, R. L. Thompson and I. A. Insari (Durham University, UK),” Modifying and repairing polymer surfaces with well defined multi end-functionalized polymers.”

M. Hillmyer, L. Chen, A. Meuler, D. Olson and F. Bates (University of Minnesota), “Mechanically robust nanoporous plastics from multicomponent block copolymers”

H. Klok, S. Tugulu, A. Arnold, I. Sielaff, K. Johnsson, P. Silacci and N. Stergiopulos, (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland), “Studying protein function and controlling cell adhesion with polymer brushes.”

K. Kamata (JST-CREST, Japan) and T. Lyoda (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) “Nanotemplating Process of Phase-Segregated Structure in Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer.”

K. Breitenkamp and T. Emrick (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), “Polymer Capsules Prepared by Photo-Induced Crosslinking of Aryl Azide Functionalized Amphiphilic Graft Copolymers at the Oil-Water Interface.”

L. A. Gugliotti, D. L. Feldheim and B. E. Eaton (North Carolina State University), “RNA-Mediated Metal-Metal Bond Formation in the Synthesis of Palladium Nanoparticles”

Paul F. Nealey (University of Wisconsin), “Directed Assembly of Imaging Materials for Nanolithography.”

J. R. Heath, D. Steuerman, Y, Luo (Cal Tech), H. Tseng, S. Vignon and J. F. Stoddart (UCLA), “Molecular Mechanics and Molecular Electronics”

T. M. Reineke and Y. Liu, (University of Cincinnati), “Synthesis and Characterization of Polyhydroxyamides for DNA Delivery.”

R. C. Advincula, M-K. Park (University of Houston), S. Pispas, N. Hadjichristidis (University of Athens-Greece) and J. Mays (University of Tennessee), “Adsorption Phenomena of Polyelectrolytes, Amphiphilic Block and Star Copolymers on Surfaces as Investigated by the Quartz Crystal Microbalance Method.”

Luigi Resconi, Simona Guidotti, Isabella Camurati, Ilya E. Nifant’ev and Ilya Laishevtsev (Basell Polyolefins, Italy & Moscow State University, Russia), “New Catalysts Design for the Simultaneous Control over Polypropylene Molecular Mass and Stereoregularity.”

F. Grassia, M. G. Bascheyyi, F. Doghieri, G. C. Sarti (Universita Degli Studi di Bologna), “Predictive Calculation of the Solubility of Gases and Vapors in Glassy Polymer Blends.”

Mitsuo Sawamoto and Masami Kamigaito (Kyoto University), “Precision Synthesis of Functionalized Polymers by Metal-Catalyzed Living Radical Polymerization.”

James E. Pickett (General Electric), “Kinetics of Polycarbonate Photoyellowing: An Initiation/Spreading Model.”

M. Bognitzki, H. Hou, M. Ishaque, T. Frese, M. Hellwig, C. Schwarte, A. Schaper, J. Wendorff and A. Greiner (University of Mainz, Germany), “Polymer Metal and Hybrid-Nano- and Mesotubes by Coating of Degradable Polymer Template Fibers (Tuft Process).”

Past Winners – 1958 to 1999

J. Aizenberg, A. J. Black and G. M. Whitesides (Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories), “Engineering the Micro-environment of Crystals Nucleation and Growth Using Micropatterned Polymers.”

G. W. Coates, M. Cheng and E. B. Lobkovsky (Cornell University), “New High Activity Zinc-Based Catalysis for Polycarbonate Synthesis.”

T. P. Lodge, K. J. Hanley, C. Huang and C. Y. Ryu (University of Minnesota), “Order-Order and Order-Disorder Transitions in Block Solutions and Melts.”

J. G. Curro and J. D. Weinhold (Sandia National Laboratories), “Application of Integral Equation Theory to Polyolefin Liquids and Blends.”

C. J. Hawker, E. E. Malmstrom (IBM), C. W. Frank, J. P. Kampf (Stanford University), C. Mio and J. Prausnitz (University of California – Berkeley), “Dendritic Macro-molecules: Hype or Unique Materials.”

James J. Watkins, Thomas J. McCarthy — University of Massachusetts

J. F. G. A. Jansen, E. M. M. de Brabander, E. W. Meijer — Eindhoven/DSM

Jane E. G. Lipson — Dartmouth University

M. K. Georges, R. Veregin, P. M. Kazmaier, G. K. Hamer – Xerox

Willi Volksen, M. I. Sanchez, Jeffrey W. Labadie, T. Pascal — IBM/CNRS
Young C. Chung, Nicholas Leventis — Molecular Displays

Jack L. Koenig – Case
Mark R. Schure — Rohm & Haas

Gary D. Friends, Jay F. Kunzler — Bausch & Lomb
Jae-Seung Kim, Victor C. Yang — University of Michigan

Hiroshi Ito, Mitsuru Ueda, Mayumi Ebina — IBM/Yamagata University
John L. West, J. William Doane, Zenaida Domingo, Paul Ukleja — Kent State University

Mark G. Allen and Stephen D. Senturia – MIT

I. V. Yannas, E. Lee, A. Ferdman, D. P. Orgill, E. M. Skrabut, G. F. Murphy – MIT

Jean M. J. Frechet, Francis M. Houlihan, C. Grant Willson — University of Ottawa/IBM

Jeffrey T. Koberstein, Thomas P. Russell — Princeton University/IBM

Tamotsu Inabe, Joseph F. Lomax, Joseph W. Lyding, Carl R. Kannewurf, Tobin J. Marks — Northwestern University

William J. Hall, R. L. Kruse, Robert A. Mendelson, Q. A. Trementozzi – Monsanto

Alan G. MacDiarmid, Paul J. Nigrey, David F. Macinnes, Jr., David P. Nairns, Alan J. Heeger — University of Pennsylvania

W. Harmon Ray, Francis J. Schork — University of Wisconsin

Louis T. Manizone, John K. Gillham, C. Al McPherson — Bell/Princeton

Yehonathan Hazony — Princeton University

A. C. Ouano, J. A. Carothers – IBM

James F. Kinstle, L. Eric Sepulveda — University of Tennessee

Bernhard Wunderlich, George Czornyj – Rennselaer

Donald L. Schmidt, H. B. Smith, William E. Broxterman, Mary R. Thomas – Dow

Donald R. Paul and D. Ray Kemp — University of Texas

Saul M. Cohen, Raymond H. Young, Albert H. Markhart – Monsanto

Robert E. Baier, George I. Loeb — Cornell/NRL

John Lynde Anderson – AMTEK

Gilbert L. Burnside, George E. F. Brewer, Gordon G. Strosberg – Ford

Roger P. Kambour – GE

W. J. Jackson, Jr., John R. Caldwell — Tennessee Eastman

R. H. Hansen, Harold Schonhorn — Bell Labs

Edwin E. Bradford, John W. Vanderhoff – Dow

Armand F. Lewis — American Cyanamid

Eugene R. Moore, Stanley S. Levy, Chi-Chiang Lee – Case

Frank A. Bovey, George V. D. Tiers, G. N. Filipovich — 3M

Dean Taylor, Jr., John E. Rutzler, Jr. – Case

Clara D. Craver, E. R. Mueller – Battelle

William A. Zisman, E. F. Hare, H. W. Fox – NRL