Dr. Paula T. Hammond Receives ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science

Paula T. Hammond, the David H. Koch (1962) Professor in Engineering and current head of the MIT Chemical Engineering Department, is a pioneer in the use of electrostatic assembly of polymers (often referred to as layer-by-layer (LbL) deposition) for a wide range of applications. She was the first to create patterned surfaces and use soft lithography to provide a charged surface that directed the deposition process (Langmuir 2000). She was also the first to recognize the utility of structured polyelectrolytes for creating patterned solid-state electrochromic devices (Chem. Mater 2003). Professor Hammond has contributed more than anyone else to the application of LbL for the creation of new materials for diverse applications spanning drug delivery, electrochromics, fuel cells, and batteries. [Read more]