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PMSE Future Faculty Symposium in Boston Scholars Announced

We are pleased to announce the  outstanding 2018 Class of PMSE Future Faculty Scholars selected to present their research at the symposium to be held during the ACS National Meeting in Boston (August 2018). The goal of the symposium is to provide a forum for postdocs who are applying to academic positions during Fall 2018 (i.e., for appointments beginning in 2019). Speakers will provide a technical talk, briefly mentioning their planned future research directions. Keynote speakers for this symposium are: Paula Hammond (MIT) and Craig Hawker (UCSB), Stuart Rowan (University of Chicago) and Karen Wooley (Texas A&M University).

Please see for more details.

PMSE Future Faculty Scholars
Class of 2018

Brooks Abel, Cornell
​Alessia Battigelli, Brown
Sandra Camarero, Groningen
Evan Darzi, UCLA
Marco Fantin, Carnegie Mellon
Matthew Golder, MIT
Joseph Grim, CU Boulder
Woojin Han, Georgia Tech
Emily Hoff, Cornell
Jovan Kamcev, UC Berkeley
Yoonseob Kim, MIT
Xuesong Li, Wash U St Louis
Danielle Mai, MIT
Sudheendran Mavila, CU Boulder
David Mozhdehi, Duke
Liangqi Ouyang, University of Delaware
Zhe Qiang, Northwestern
Yunyan Qiu, Northwestern
Seunghyun Sim, Caltech
Jeff Ting, University of Chicago
Edon Vitaku, Northwestern
Alex Zhukhovitskiy, Berkeley