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PMSE Young Investigator Symposium: Fall 2019

The goal of this annual symposium is to highlight and provide a forum for ~15 early-career emerging leaders who have made significant contributions in their respective fields within polymer materials science and engineering. Example research areas include synthesis, processing, characterization, physics, and engineering of macromolecular materials. The two-day PMSE symposium is held during the Fall National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (location changes annually).  For more information visit the PMSE Young Investigators Symposium page. 


Aaron Esser-Kahn (U Chicago)
Davita Watkins (U Mississippi)

Keynote Speakers

  • Geoffrey Coates (Cornell U)
  • Elizabeth Gillies (U Western Ontario)
  • Todd Emrick (U Massachusetts Amherst)

Young Investigators

  • Eric Appel (Stanford)
  • Christopher Bates (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Gaurav Giri (U Virginia)
  • Damien Guironnet (U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Will Gutekunst (Georgia Tech)
  • Robert Hickey (Pennsylvania State U)
  • Julia Kalow (Northwestern U)
  • Nathalie Lavoine (North Carolina State U)
  • Frank Leibfarth (U North Carolina)
  • Andrew Magenau (Drexel U)
  • Adrianne Rosales (U Texas at Austin)
  • Ellen Sletten (UCLA)
  • Zhiting Tian (Cornell U)
  • Mingjiang Zhong (Yale)