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2021 Henkel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Science & Engineering: Dr. Austin M. Evans

Henkel Award

Austin M. Evans received his Ph.D. in Chemistry as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Northwestern University with Prof. William R. Dichtel in 2020. During his graduate studies, he developed an innovative colloidal synthesis approach to 2D covalent organic framework polymers, which enabled detailed studies of their nucleation, growth, and error correction modes toward large, defect-free macromolecular sheets with tailored functionalities. The latter part of his thesis probed aspects of the emergent optical, electronic, and magnetic properties of these materials. Currently, Austin is exploring the interface of chemistry and physics as a postdoctoral research scientist working with Professors Latha Venkataraman and Colin Nuckolls at Columbia University. Austin’s research accomplishments have been recognized with numerous awards including the MOF2020 Early Career Award, an International Institute of Nanotechnology (IIN) Ryan Fellowship, and a Marcus L. Urann Graduate Research Fellowship. Austin is a co-chair for the 2021 Nanoporous Materials Gordon Research Seminar, which focuses on order and disorder in functional porous materials. His passion for broadening participation in chemical science research is evident from Austin’s multi-year involvement in the high school student-oriented Mentorship Opportunities for Research Engagement program at Northwestern University (MORE@NU).

The 2021 Henkel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Science & Engineering will be presented during a symposium in honor of Dr. Evans at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Atlanta, CA August 22–26, 2021 in the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry. Over the last 30 years, this award has been jointly administered through the ACS Divisions of Polymer Chemistry (POLY) and Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering (PMSE), with generous financial support from the Henkel Corporation.