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2022 Cooperative Research Award in Polymer Science & Engineering

The collaborative research team is represented by Charles L.Liotta from the Georgia Institute of Technology along with Bharat I. Chaudhary and Jeffrey M. Cogen of the Dow Chemical Company.

The research trio of Liotta, Chaudhary, and Cogen represents a successful collaboration between academia and industry for approximately 14 years and is still ongoing. Their research covered a wide variety of areas including (a) fundamental studies of free radical-mediated graft modification of polyethylene models with vinyltrialkoxysilanes, (b) the development of novel additives for the thermal stabilization of poly(vinyl chloride) and (c) the mechanistic role of specific additives during the decomposition of dicumylperoxide in polyethylene models.  Overall, they have achieved success in the understanding of fundamental processes of interest to both industry and academia.

Charles L.Liotta, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bharat I. Chaudhary, Dow Chemical Company.
Jeffrey M. Cogen, Dow Chemical Company