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Open Abstract Submission for the Spring 2023 ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis

There are 17 open symposium sponsored or co-sponsored by PMSE for the spring ACS National Meeting. It will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from March 26 to March 30, 2023. These symposium are listed here, and more details are provided on the Future Programming page. Submissions can be made through the MAPS system at Abstracts are due by Monday, October 17, 2022.

The Cooperative Research Award Symposium will also be held, with the awardees to be announced later this year.

  • Advances in Metathesis Polymerizations and Transition Metal Carbene Complexes
  • Asia Pacific Young Scientists Symposium in Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Asia Pacific Young Scientists Symposium in Polymer Science and Engineering
  • At the Interface of Education and Research: Highlighting the Contributions of Primarily Undergraduate and Underrepresented Institutions to Soft Matter
  • Controlling Soft Materials with Light
  • Dynamically Bonded Materials: Advances in Synthesis, Characterization, and Application
  • Engineered Living Materials through Synthetic Biology: Beyond the Crossroad of Biology and Chemistry
  • Functional Polymer and 2D Materials Interfaces for Optoelectronics
  • General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials
  • Materials and Processing Challenges in Additive Manufacturing of Structural Composites
  • MXene-Polymer Hybrid Materials: Synthesis, Processing, Characterization, and Applications
  • Open Forum: Collaboration, Partnership, and Networking Opportunitys (Invited)
  • PMSE/POLY Poster Session
  • Polymeric Membranes for Molecular and Ion Separations
  • Silica/Silicon/Silanes: A Symposium Honoring Stephen J. Clarson
  • Surface Force Measurements at Biological and Non-Biological Interfaces
  • Transcending Nature in the Design of Polymer Hybrid Materials for Structural Applications: Advances in Experiments, Simulations, and AI Based Design