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Spring 2023 ACS Conference Preface

March 26-30, 2023

Dear Attendees:

On behalf of the ACS PMSE Division, I would like to welcome you to the 265th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis! This meeting will be held in hybrid format with in-person, hybrid, and virtual programming. PMSE has an exciting and timely program with symposia covering a wide range of topics in polymer science and engineering. The theme for this National meeting is “Crossroads of Chemistry,” exploring where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are heading, including connections with previously distinct fields. You will find opportunities to explore many interdisciplinary topics within PMSE symposia. The meeting program and events are available at the ACS 265th National Meeting Website. The PMSE website also features meeting-related information.

We welcome you to join us for a new event, the PMSE Open Forum on Collaboration, Partnership, and Networking Opportunities (3/28, 12:00-1:30 pm ET, Network Room, Hyatt Regency, includes boxed lunches for a limited number of participants). The open forum aims to engage our PMSE community on the value and impact of Collaboration, Partnership, and Networking Opportunities across organizations. Panelists, from academia, industry, and government laboratories, will discuss their experiences building and leveraging these cross-cutting partnerships, as well as the role of the PMSE community in overcoming global challenges. Attendees can expect to hear perspectives on how partnerships help increase productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness, and accelerate breakthroughs. Moreover, panelists will touch on PMSE’s strong role in removing roadblocks and fostering this community.

We are grateful to PMSE members for your support of the division, and to all symposia organizers, presenters, and attendees who make the meeting a dynamic and rewarding experience. If you are not yet a PMSE member, please stop by our membership desk at the meeting!  We also welcome new PMSE volunteers!

PMSE Technical Program: For this meeting, we have 16 symposia comprised of over 444 oral presentations and 125 posters.  Sessions are either in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Sessions are moderated and include Q&A.


  • Advances in Metathesis Polymerization and Transition Metal Carbene Complexes
  • Asia Pacific Young Scientist Symposium in Polymer Science and Engineering
  • At the Interface of Education and Research: Highlighting the Contributions of Primarily Undergraduate and Underrepresented Institutions to Soft Matter
  • Controlling Soft Materials with Light
  • Cooperative Research Award: Symposium in Honor of Enrique Gomez, Manish Kumar, Abhishek Roy, Mou Paul, Jeffrey Wilbur, and Tyler Culp
  • Dynamically Bonded Materials: Advances in Synthesis, Characterization, and Application
  • Engineered Living Materials through Synthetic Biology: Beyond the Crossroad of Biology and Chemistry
  • Functional Polymer and 2D Materials Interfaces for Optoelectronics
  • General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials
  • Materials and Processing Challenges in Additive Manufacturing of Structural Composites
  • MXene-polymer Hybrid Materials: Synthesis, Processing, Characterization, and Applications
  • PMSE/POLY Poster Session
  • Polymeric Membranes for Molecular and Ion Separations
  • Silica/Silicon/Silanes: A Symposium Honoring Stephen J. Clarson
  • Surface Force Measurements at Biological and Non-Biological Interfaces
  • Transcending Nature in the Design of Polymer Hybrid Materials for Structural Applications: Advances in Experiments, Simulations, and AI Based Design

PMSE/POLY Plenary Lecture & Award Reception: Our headliner event will be Wednesday March 29, 5:30-8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). Jayshree Seth, Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate, 3M, will give the plenary lecture, “Not the Science Type!”  This event will be in-person.

At this event, we will be celebrating the following awardees:

  • Arthur K. Doolittle Award – Will Gutekunst, Shana Olwyn Kelley
  • Best Poster Awards – Winners chosen at the PMSE Poster Session
  • Cooperative Research Award – Tyler Culp, Enrique Gomez, Manish Kumar, Mou Paul, Abhishek Roy and Jeffrey Wilbur
  • Distinguished Service Award  – Peter Johnson
  • Eastman Chemical Student Award – Mohammed A. Bin Rusayyis
  • Graduate Student Travel Award – Erin Crater, Jackie Zhu
  • PMSE Fellows – Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez, Thomas H. Epps, III, Chuanbin Mao, Michael Rubinstein
  • Recognition of PMSE Service – Lisa S. Baugh, 2022 PMSE Chair

Poster Session: Our traditional in-person PMSE/POLY Poster Session will be held as part of the ACS-ACS-wide poster event on Tuesday, March 28 from 7:00-9:00 pm (Eastern Time). We will also have a virtual poster session on Wednesday, August 29 from 12:00-2:00 pm (Eastern Time).

Membership Desk:  Join us at the membership desk throughout the meeting! You can join PMSE (the first year is free for everyone and students are just $1.00 after the first year), chat with officers and volunteers, get information about symposia, and possibly snag some fun giveaways. New members will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card and be entered into our New Member Contest where three winners will be chosen to receive fun prizes. We will also have a “Guess the Pom Pom contest” for more fun chemistry-themed prizes!  The Desk will be near the technical sessions at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis.  Finally, please consider enlisting as a volunteer for the PMSE Division. There are numerous opportunities available.
Social Media: Please check PMSE’s program page on the ACS Meeting website for events. You can follow PMSE on Twitter (@acspmse) and Facebook ( and add your comments to the collective meeting experience using the hashtags #ACSspring2023 and #ACSPMSE.
Special Thanks to Our PMSE Programming Team: We thank the Programming Committee (Adam Burns, Dhriti Nepal, Yuanqiao Rao, and Davita Watkins) and our administrative assistant, Eileen Ernst, for all of their efforts in organizing the Spring 2023 meeting. 
We also greatly appreciate the efforts of our PMSE symposium organizers: Rameshwar Adhikari, Syeda Tajin Ahmed, Symone Alexander, Babak Anasori, Roberto C. Andresen Eguiluz, Amir Asadi, Neil Ayres, John Bayldon, Lucas Beagle, Gregory Beaucage, Bryan Boudouris, Merlin Bruening, Adam Burns, Lewis Cox, Wendy Goodson, Damien Guironnet, Rulian Guo, Will Gutekunst, Hendrik Heinz, Michael Hickner, Chia Hung, Monica Jung de Andrade, Vimal Katiyar, Hilmar Koerner, Dominik Konkolewicz, Chong Min Koo, Jodie Lutkenhaus, Quentin Michaudel, Dhriti Nepal, Zachariah Page, Siddarth Patwardhan, Carole C. Perry, William Phillip, Steven Pollack, Dawanee Poree, Shinihi Sakurai, Ryan Selhorst, Emilie J. Siochi, Wil Srubar, Joonki Suh, Anupma Thakur, Chase Thompson, Marissa Tousley, Davita Watkins, and Brady Worrell.
Thank you all!
I hope you enjoy the meeting, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Indianapolis!
Megan Robertson
Chair-Elect and Program Chair, PMSE