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2024 PMSE Distinguished Service Award to Prof. Dominik Konkolewicz

Prof. Dominik Konkolewicz
Miami University

The PMSE Distinguished Service Award is given to recognize extensive, sustained contributions and service to the Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) Division.  The first awardee was recognized in 1993, and it has continued as a yearly award.  This year we are proud to announce the 2023 PMSE Distinguished Service Award Winner, Dr. Peter Johnson.

Dominik Konkolewicz is a Professor of Chemistry at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He started his career in polymer materials as an honours undergraduate student at the University of Sydney, followed by a PhD (2011) also at the University of Sydney, where he focused on mechanisms of controlled polymerization and polymers with complex architecture. His postdoctoral research at Carnegie Mellon University (2011-14) explored both mechanistic and materials applications of precisely controlled polymers. Since starting his independent career in 2014 at Miami University in Oxford Ohio, he leads a team of ~10 graduate students and postdocs with an added team of 10-15 undergraduate students. The Konkolewicz group currently focuses on chemically and thermally responsive networks, light controlled polymerization and degradation, bioconjugates and polymers that self-assemble with lipids.  Dominik has co-authored over 150 peer reviewed manuscripts on polymers and polymer materials.

Dominik has been an ACS and PMSE member since 2011 and he has actively volunteered since early in his independent career which started in 2014. Dominik’s contributions to PMSE include being the lead and founding member of the Macromolecular Alliance for Community, Resources and Outreach (MACRO) (PMSE Co-Chair 2019-2022, Member 2019-present), an educational initiative in collaboration with the POLY division that freely provides curricular, outreach, and professional development resources to the community. Dominik has also led PMSE’s  Webinars (2022-present). which is complementary to the MACRO educational efforts and focuses on techniques and characterization in polymer science. Most recently, Dominik has been a Member at Large (2021-2022), is currently the PMSE treasurer (2023-2024) and is committed to further service in the organization.