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2024 PMSE Early Investigators Selected

The 2024 PMSE Early Investigators Award Committee selected twenty four members, consisting of professors, government researchers, and industry scientists across the field of polymer science. A symposium highlighting their work will be held at the 2024 Fall ACS National Meeting, located in Denver, Colorado. The list below contains affiliations and links to their lab, website, or employer.

  • Stephanie Barbon, Dow Chemical Company
  • Johannes C. Brendel, University of Bayreuth
  • Liheng Cai, University of Virginia
  • Wan-Ting Chen, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Kaitlyn Crawford, University of Central Florida
  • Yifan Dong, Dow Chemical Company
  • Matthew Golder, University of Washington
  • Miao Hong, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Jovan Kamcev, University of Michigan
  • Laure Kayser, University of Delaware
  • Yoonseob Kim, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Abigail Knight, North Carolina University at Chapel Hill
  • P. Padmanabhan, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Jihye Park, University of Colorado
  • Luqing Qi, Dow Chemical Company
  • Eleftheria Roumeli, University of Washington
  • Michael Schulz, Virginia Tech
  • Amir Sheikhi, Penn State
  • Junpeng Wang, University of Akron
  • Svetlana Morozova, Case Western
  • Xiaoguang Wang, The Ohio State University
  • Mostafa Yourdkhani, Colorado State University
  • Cheng Zhang, University of Quennsland
  • A. Zhukhovitskiy, North Carolina University at Chapel Hill