2018 PMSE Officers

The Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Division is a part of the American Chemical Society and governed by the bylaws, which can be found on the ACS website (pdf).

Melissa A. Grunlan (Texas A & M University)

Matthew L. Becker (University of Akron)

Vice-Chair, Program Chair 
Eva Harth (University of Houston)

Timothy J. Bunning (Air Force Research Laboratory)

Lisa S. Baugh (ExxonMobil Research & Engineering)

Past Chair
Christopher L. Soles (NIST)

2018 Executive Committee Listing

Administrative Assistant
Eileen Ernst

A. Jay Dias (Exxon Mobil Chemical Company)
Committee on Corporation Associates (CA)
Committee on Chemistry & Public Affairs (CCPA)

Julie L.P. Jessop (Mississippi State University)
Membership Affairs Committee (MAC)
Categories, Dues, & Processes Subcommittee (C&D)

2017-2019: Benny D. Freeman (University of Texas at Austin)

Dean Webster (North Dakota State University)
Committee on Division Activities
Technical Programming and Collaboration Subcommittee

Alternate Councilors
Michael Jaffe (New Jersey Innovation Institute)

Theodore Provder (Polymer & Coatings Consultants, LLC)

Charles Carraher (Florida Atlantic University)

John W. Gilmer (King University)


Jodie Lutkenhaus (Texas A&M University)
Nichole Zacharia (University of Akron)
Ryan Hayward (University of Massachusetts)
Shu Yang (University of Pennsylvania)
Jason Benkoski (John Hopkins University)
Michael S. Silverstein (Technion)

Kevin Cavicchi (University of Akron)
Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez (University of Texas at Austin)
Jaime Grunlan (Texas A & M University)
Chris Ellison (University of Minnesota)
LaShanda Korley (University of Delaware)
Catia Ornelas (University of Campinas – UNICAMP)

Liaisons and Secretariats
Liaison to the Biomaterials Society CHAIR
Erin Lavik (Case Western Reserve University)

Macromolecular (MACR) Secretariat
Javid Rzayev (University of Buffalo)

Biotechnology (BTEC) Secretariat
Jamil Baghdachi (Eastern Michigan University)

2018 Committees and Volunteers

Awards and Fellowship Selection Committees

Cooperative Research Award
CHAIR – Sadhan Jana (University of Akron)

Distinguished Service Award
CHAIR - Qinghuang Lin (IBM)
Benny D. Freeman (University of Texas at Austin)
Dean Webster (North Dakota State University)

Doolittle Award
Laura Bradley (University of Massachusetts)
Megan L. Robertson (University of Houston)

Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science
CHAIR - John W. Gilmer (King University)
CO-CHAIR - Jason Jenkins (Eastman Chemical Company)

PMSE Global Graduate Student Award
CHAIR - Honggang Cui (Johns Hopkins)

PMSE Graduate Student Travel Award
CHAIR - Daniel Savin (University of Florida)

Roy W. Tess Award
Theodore Provder (Polymer & Coatings Consultants, LLC)

PMSE Fellowship Selection
Shu Yang (University of Pennsylvania)
Scott Eastman (United Technologies)
Vivek Prabhu (NIST)

ACS Fellowship Selection
CHAIR - Meisha Shofner (Georgia Institute of Technology)
CO-CHAIR - Daniel Savin (University of Florida)

Graham Swift

Finance & Investment
CHAIR - David Chung
Timothy Bunning (Air Force Research Laboratory)

International Advisory Committee
CO-CHAIR, Catia Ornelas (University of Campinas – UNICAMP)
CO-CHAIR, Zhihao Shen (Peking University)

Malancha Gupta (University of Southern California)
Cristina Thomas (3M)
Kenny Mineart (Bucknell University)

Arjun Raghuraman (Dow)

Symposium Funding
A. Jay Dias (ExxonMobil)

Technical Program
Chad R. Snyder (NIST) [2017-2019]
Jennifer L. Schaefer (University of Notre Dame) [2019-2021]

CO-CHAIR – Charles E. Carraher (Florida Atlantic Univ.)
Jason Benkoski (Johns Hopkins)

PMSE/POLY Student Chapters
Daniel Savin (University of Florida)

PMSE Representative to IPEC
Daniel Savin (University of Florida)
Charles E. Carraher (Florida Atlantic University)

Lisa S. Baugh (ExxonMobil)
Huaxing (Daniel) Zhou (ExxonMobil)

Peter Johnson (SABIC)

Young Polymer Scientist & Engineer
Luis Campos (Columbia University)
Jamie M. Garcia (IBM)
Emily Pentzer (Case Western Reserve University)

PMSE Volunteers

Bryan Coughlin (University of Massachusetts)
Keyur Desai (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
William Dichtel (Cornell University)
Todd Emrick (University of Massachusetts)
Sergio Granados-Focil (Clark University)
Richard Laine (University of Michigan)
Eric K. Lin (NIST)
Zhiquin Lin (Georgia Institute of Technology)
David J. Lohse
David Martin (University of Delaware)
Abhimanyu Patil (ExxonMobil)
Anjali Patil (Chanel, Inc.)
Christopher Stafford (NIST)
Prameela Susarla (The Dow Chemical Company)