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PMSE Preprints

In Spring 2015, PMSE voted to stop publishing PMSE Preprints in conjunction with national ACS meetings. The Spring 2015 volume of PMSE Preprints (Vol. 112) is the final volume to be published. This website provides ordering, access, historical, and other information regarding all existing volumes of PMSE Preprints.

PMSE Preprints were published online twice yearly, approximately one month before the Spring and Fall national ACS meetings. The submission of a PMSE Preprint for PMSE symposia speakers was made optional beginning with the Spring 2013 ACS meeting (PMSE Preprints Volume 108); therefore, not all PMSE Division posters and presentations have an associated preprint from 2013 to 2015. PMSE presentation abstracts are not part of the PMSE Preprints CD, but are included in the ACS Meeting Abstracts collection.

Ordering Information for Libraries, Institutions, and Businesses

Electronic web-based PMSE Preprints subscriptions are available to libraries, institutions, and businesses. To subscribe, please follow the “how to order” link on the ACS Division Proceedings Online website.

Institutional customers who prefer CD-ROM format preprints may purchase burned-on-demand CD versions of current and future volumes from Curran Associates. The price is $90USD per volume (1 year = 2 volumes) plus mailing fees. Online access is not included. Please place all orders directly through Curran Associates.

Curran Associates
57 Morehouse Lane, Red Hook, NY 12571
Ph (845) 758-0400, Fax (845) 758-2633

For individual papers, please go to

PMSE no longer publishes PMSE Preprints in book form. However, institutional customers requiring print can purchase hard copies of current and back issues (vol. 86 Spring 2002 and later) from Curran Associates’ print-on-demand service . These copies are made by printing the entire contents of the CD or online volume. Please contact Curran Associates directly to order.

Back Issue Publication Dates and ISBN / ISSN Numbers

The official publication date of PMSE Preprints is the earlier of: (1) the date that the preprints were delivered to the U.S. Postal Service for mailing (for volumes issued in CD or print form); (2) the earliest date that the preprints were made available through the ACS Preprint Server or Mira Digital Imaging Server. Click here for a list of publication dates and ISBN / ISSN numbers for past and current volumes. Volumes of PMSE Preprints through vol. 85 (Fall 2001) were published in paper format. Volumes 86 (Spring 2002) through 101 (Fall 2009) were published in CD / web format. Volumes 102 (Spring 2010) and forward are published in web format only.

Ordering Back Issues/CD-ROM Format Preprints and the PMSE Preprints Archive

Back issues of CD volumes (vol. 86 Spring 2002 and later) are available from Curran Associates (see Ordering Information for Libraries & Institutions and Businesses). Volume 86 – 108 CDs were produced by Mira Digital Publishing. Volumes 109 – onward were produced in-house at PMSE and have a more limited interface and search functionality. Back issues in paper form of vol. 86 and later can be ordered through Curran Associates’ print-on-demand service (see Ordering Information for Libraries, Institutions, and Businesses). Back issues of paper volumes (vol. 85 Fall 2001 and earlier) are not currently available for sale, although some issues appear on sites selling used books (, etc.). Customers accessing online preprint subscriptions via the ACS Preprint Server (see Online Preprint Access for PMSE Members) should have access to back issues of PMSE Preprints through Volume 84 (Spring 2001).

PMSE maintains our own Preprint Archive of paper and CD volumes. Currently, the Archive contains all volumes from 30(1) (1970) through the current issue. If you need to obtain a single preprint from an out-of-print issue, please see How to Order Copies of Single Preprints. If you have other questions regarding out-of-print issues, contact the person listed under PMSE Preprints Archive in Contact Information and Help.

Contact Information and Help

For individual PMSE members requiring assistance with membership issues affecting Preprint subscriptions that cannot be resolved through ACS, please contact our current Membership Chair (follow the “About Us – Division Officers” links at the PMSE Division Home Page).

For individual preprint orders, institutional orders, and back issues, please see above.

For questions regarding publication dates, ISBN numbers, the PMSE Preprints Archive, or other general information on PMSE Preprints or the PMSE Preprints web page, please contact the Preprint Committee through

Preprint Cover Photos

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