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Virtual Preface – Fall 2020

260th ACS National Meeting

August 17-20, 2020

San Francisco, CA (Virtual)

Dear attendees,

Welcome to the 260th ACS National Meeting! I wish PMSE was welcoming you in person to beautiful San Francisco. However, after cancellation of the Spring 2020 meeting, we are very happy to be hosting a technical program – even in virtual format. After months of isolation, it will be a delight to hear exciting science, congratulate our awardees, see old friends, and make new ones. 

The theme for the 260th ACS National Meeting is “Moving Chemistry from Bench to Market.” Over 6,000 papers will be presented. The PMSE Division program tentatively has 349 oral presentations and 70 posters.

The virtual meeting program and information will be available on the ACS 260th National Meeting website. PMSE members will also receive information on various events by e-mail.

Broadcast sessions. Tune in to our daily marquee technical sessions from 10 am – 12 pm and 1 – 3 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Each session will conclude with a live, moderated speaker Q&A. Tuesday’s sessions will feature award winner addresses.  Other sessions highlight talks from specific symposia:

Monday AM: Advances in Bioconjugate Materials for Biomedical Applications

Monday PM: Functional Conjugated Polymers: From Functional Synthetic and Physical Chemistry to Emerging Applications

Tuesday AM: PMSE Award Addresses

Tuesday PM: PMSE Award Addresses

Wednesday AM: Challenges and Opportunities for Translational Research in Biomaterials (talks from the ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science symposium in honor of Joachim Kohn)

Wednesday PM: Porous Polymers

Thursday AM: Surface, Interface, & Coating Materials

Thursday PM: Surface, Interface, & Coating Materials

Technical Program: Grab some popcorn and binge-watch the remainder of our technical program – both posters and oral presentations – on demand. PMSE will host live Q&A sessions for some themed symposia (to be announced).

In addition to the above listed symposia, our technical program also includes talks from the following:

  • Advances in Synthesis, Characterization, Modeling, and Application of Bottlebrush Polymers
  • Bioconjugate Chemistry Lectureship and Award (in honor of Jason S. Lewis)
  • Chemistry of Materials Lectureship and Best Paper Award (in honor of Matthew Panzer and Anthony D’Angelo)
  • Fire and Polymers
  • Henkel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Science and Engineering  (in honor of Jeffrey Lopez)
  • Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award (in honor of Brett Fors)
  • PMSE Future Faculty Symposium
  • PMSE Young Investigator Symposium
  • Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings (in honor of Qinghuang Lin)
  • Triggers and Switches for Polymerization and Depolymerization
  • General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials
  • PMSE/POLY Poster Session

Live Membership Desk:  Visit our Zoom Membership Desk, open 11 am – 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time daily. You can join PMSE (first year free!), check your membership status, see a slideshow of our award winners and history, and chat with PMSE officers and volunteers. New members will be entered in a raffle to win STEM toys.

PMSE/POLY Plenary Lecture & Award Reception: Put on your fancy clothes, or at least a fancy Zoom background, and join us Wednesday night for our traditional awards reception and plenary lecture. You can register here (we sadly cannot provide virtual drink tickets). Our keynote speaker, Prof. Jeffrey Moore, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, will speak on “Materials Functions for Polymer Lifecycle Control.” We will be honoring the following 2019 and 2020 PMSE awardees:

  • Past Chair Award:  Matthew Becker
  • 2019 Doolittle Award:  Julia Kalow, Jian Qin
  • 2019 Eastman Chemical Student Award: R. Konane Bay
  • 2020 PMSE Fellows:  Vivek Prabhu, Shanti Swarup, Tao Xie, Ting Xu
  • 2020 ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science:  Joachim Kohn
  • 2020 Bioconjugate Chemistry Lectureship Award:  Jason Lewis
  • 2020 Chemistry of Materials Lectureship and Best Paper Award – Matthew Panzer, Anthony D’Angelo
  • 2020 Henkel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Science & Engineering:  Jeffrey Lopez
  • 2020 Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award:  Brett Fors
  • 2020 Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings:  Qinghuang Lin
  • 2020 PMSE Young Investigators:  Jonathan C. Barnes, Blair K. Brettman, Melanie Chiu, Hoyong Chung, Reza Foudazi, Xiaodan Gu, Zachary Hudson, Hua Lu, Jianguo Mei, Jian Qin, Jonathan Rivnay, Jennifer Schaefer, Charles E. Sing, Morgan Stefik, Matthew Webber
  • 2020 PMSE Future Faculty:  Céline Calvino, Danielle Fagnani, Samantha Kristufek, Chao Lang, Francesca Lorandi, Rinat Meir, Angelika Neitzel, Fatemeh Ostadhossein, Nicholas Pavlopoulos, Hai Qian, Julia Rho, Johanna Schwartz, Peyton Shieh, Yilei Wu, Renxuan Xie, Benjamin Yavitt
  • 2020 PMSE Best Poster Award:  to be announced

Please follow PMSE on Twitter (@acspmse) and Facebook ( and add your comments and reactions to the collective meeting experience.

The PMSE Programming Committee andour symposium organizers deserve special accolades. The Programming Committee, and our administrative assistant Eileen Ernst, have kept PMSE’s program on track through many changes. Thank you, Jen Schaefer, Adam Burns, Dhriti Nepal, and Chad Synder!

Finally, PMSE appreciates YOU for being a part of our program.  As the Fall 2020 meeting gets underway, we are already preparing for 2021. If you are not already a PMSE member, please join us. Remember if you join during the week of the meeting either on-line or at our virtual membership desk, you will be entered to win a prize.  Consider enlisting as a volunteer. Hopefully, we’ll be welcoming you to San Antonio in person next spring.

Lisa Baugh
Vice-Chair and Program Chair, PMSE
ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company
Corporate Strategic Research
Route 22 East, Annandale, NJ  08801