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Graduate Student Travel Award to Atalaya Wilborn, Hannah Dedmon, and Elizabeth Murphy

PMSE is proud to announce the three winners of Graduate Student Travel Award for the Fall 2023 ACS Meeting in Indianapolis and invites you to attend their presentations.

Atalaya Wilborn
Harvard University
Advisor: Professor Joanna Aizenberg

Dynamic Gaussian Shape Morphs via Magnetically Aligned Liquid Crystal Elastomer Films

Symposium: General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials – Sunday, August 13, 11:45 AM, Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate B

Hannah Dedmon
North Carolina State University
Advisor: Professor Melissa Pasquinelli

Antiplasticizing Interaction between Aldaric Acid Isomers and Polyacrylonitrile for Improved Gel Spinning

Symposium: General Papers/New Concepts in Polymeric Materials – Wednesday, August 16, 5:45 PM, Marriott Marquis, Nob Hill D

Elizabeth Murphy
University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisors: Professor Craig Hawker and Professor Christopher Bates

Accelerated Discovery of Block Copolymers through Automated Chromatography

Symposium: Automated and Autonomous Experimentation of Polymers and Soft Materials – Wednesday, August 16, 2:00 PM, Marriott Marquis, Salon 10