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100 Years of PMSE at ACS Spring 2024 is Complete!

Congratulations to the following poster winners
Graduate Student Best Poster - Kaylee E. Barr, Collette Gordon, Nehemie Guillomaitre, Husain Mithaiwala, Nath-Eddy Moody, Molly Warndorf
Undergraduate Student Best Poster - Simeon Newman, Anthony Radka
Early Career Researcher Poster Winner - Raquel Feliciano Crespo, University of Puerto Rico

And also to the winners of the New Member Contest: Francis Klincewicz, Amy Pollock, Ethan Rose. You can also join online from the link above.



PMSE is a Division of the American Chemical Society, whose goal is to bring together a worldwide community of scientistsand engineers interested in the innovative solutions that can be provided by polymeric materials and make millions of products around the world function everyday.


Latest PMSE Award Announcements

Roy W. Tess Award: Dr. Wenjun Wu, Arkema

Journal of Polymer Science Award: Prof. Dr. Athina Anastaski, ETH Zurich

Henkel Award: Shu Wang, Duke University

PMSE Fellows
Prof. Jamie Grunlan, Texas A&M University
Prof. Enrique D. Gomez The Pennsylvania State University
Professor Joseph B. Schlenoff, Florida State University